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what happened was I had claimed an area of the map where I maintained rabbit traps to secure my primary food source, I even built a road from my base to the rabbits. Gary and coter found it, they started using all my traps and durability on them went super down so I had to repair. Didn't mind at first since they were just starting but it started to be that they werw always using them so I had to constantly replace, so I asked for them to give me wood as compensation and they asked for food to trade for even more wood, I go into their base with food and coter steals food and just walks away and doesn't give me back shit saying "well you shouldn't have trusted me". so I go back, mad salty because it super unfair that I lost like 300 grass 100 twigs on that shit and I was being nice, then I find plr0 is stealing from my rabbit traps while I go back up there and Im pissed so I just agro him, I then greif 3 berry bushes and go back to base, gary go roaming and dying since he not even playing the god damn game, just respawning as fire lady and buring entire world to ashes trying to find me because he has no life, he find base, I kill, he bring back plr0 and he spend 4 twigs+grass and make torches and burn entire 110 berry bushes and entire forest to ground. steals rubies, chester, pretty much all the good shit then just runs and combat logs while gary stay at base and make a hammer and break down all of our shit

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